Anacortes Schools Foundation

Anacortes Schools Foundation is committed to empowering all Anacortes students through scholarships and enriched learning opportunities.

Your dollars make a difference

Our Online Year-Round fundraising campaign raises funds for our General Fund, as well as specific programs that Anacortes Schools Foundation supports.

Back to School Fair

Ready to Learn Fair

Our late-summer fair offers every student in need a brand-new backpack filled with school supplies as well as toiletries, haircuts, new and gently used clothing, and access to a full array of community resources to support student and family engagement.

College Scholarships

COVID Relief

We help ensure that our schools are outfitted with the full safety, cleaning and health measures needed to keep our students safe. We support virtual learning through classroom grants such as take-home bags for elementary science projects and recorders for music class.

STEM Salish Seas Trip

Mental Health

During these unprecedented times, every student needs access to social-emotional learning and support. The Anacortes Schools Foundation provides support for mental health counselors to help our students maintain well-being, resiliency, and hope in their personal and academic lives.

KidWind Science

Preschool Scholarships

Early learning is essential to future success! Our preschool scholarships ensure that families without resources can access preschool opportunities for their student, so that all children enter Kindergarten on an equal footing.

STEM grants

IMPACT Summer School

We are proud to support IMPACT, a district-sponsored targeted program for young learners in need of additional academic and social-emotional support during the summer months.

Spark Museum

STEM Enrichment

Mountain School, KidWind, and the Spark Museum are all programs funded by the Anacortes Schools Foundation. We strongly encourage science exploration!

And SO MUCH more

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Your donation to the Anacortes School Foundation helps fund COVID relief, mental health, essential school supplies, early learning, and so much more for our vulnerable students. Together, we can create positive change for our children and community.

Anacortes Schools Foundation, is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, federal ID No. 91-1263495. This donation may be tax-deductible. No goods or services were rendered in exchange for this donation.